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DSS2018: Dialogue Summer School 2018


The Foundation for Dialogue (previously: de Beweging) is proud to announce the Dialogue Summer School 2018. This programme will include an in-depth training of conflict resolution method Deep Democracy. Deep Democracy is practiced by many mediators, consultants, facilitators all over the world. It provides very hands-on communication techniques you can use in any social situation: your family, your relationship, your work, and many more.


Sustainability centre 'De Papaver' in Delft will be our host for three days. The location is in a serene, beautiful place right next to the city centre of Delft, the Netherlands. DSS2018 asks for a contribution of 30 EUR per participant, which includes lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday, and coffee, thea and water throughout the days. We have arranged accommodation for those who do not live close to Delft. This costs 50 EUR per person, and is including breakfast.


Friday 20 July: 2:30 pm - 18:00 pm. Introduction to the Practice of Deep Democracy.

Saturday 21 July: 9:00 am - 18:00 pm. Advanced training in smaller groups.

Sunday, 22 July: 9:00 am - 13:00 pm. Finishing touches & reflection session.

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The DSS2018 is a great opportunity to network, hang out with awesome people, and learn something new! Come join us!